Porsche 944 Rothmans Turbo Cup Car with Ron Fellows Race History





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An outstanding example of one of the 192 factory-built race cars created for the Rothmans Turbo Cup series in 1988. The series was conducted in Germany, England, Canada, France, Australia and South Africa in 1988 through 1990.

This particular car was one of 32 brought into Canada for their series and was driven by Ron Fellows in the 1990 season and by Ted Powell in the 1988 and 1989 seasons. Ron Fellows frequently took the car from the back of the pack at the start (as a result of being unavailable to qualify the car) to a leading position when the checkered flag dropped. Except for taking the photos in this listing, the car has not been driven on the street or track since its last race (Moosehead Grand Prix of Halifax – October 7, 1990) and has been meticulously restored to pre-race condition over the past 15 years.

This is a rare car with a significant race history, making it very suitable and highly desirable for vintage racing or show events. This sale provides an opportunity to own an important part of racing history. An extensive "spares package" is available but is not included in this listing for the car. If you have an interest in the spares we will consider negotiating a combination deal but make that intention clear in an email message.

The VIN # is WP0ZZZ95ZJN165096 and the odometer shows 10,038 kilometers (6,235 miles). Please note that the VIN number does not conform to standard passenger car format and is therefore not recognized in eBay's system. Photos of the VIN number plate are included under the photo links at the bottom of the listing.

The Customs Receipt (from Canada into the US) includes the notation "This car meets US EPA & US DOT Specifications."

Also known as the Weissach Racing Turbos, these cars were designed to look identical to the street version of the 944 Turbo with the exception of the specially-designed white magnesium racing wheels (which were the only wheels allowed for the Rothmans Porsche Turbo Cup series).


In an effort to keep all of the cars in the Rothmans Turbo Cup series “on a level playing field” the engines were sealed at several locations with safety wire and lead seals having “Turbo Cup” embossed into them. The engine was "freshened" during the restoration process and then new "Turbo Cup Seals" were put in place using an original embossing tool that was borrowed from a collector... thus the original seals appear to still be in place on this engine. Click this link to view the seals at the cam tower, balance shaft and oil pan.


These cars sold for $100,000 Canadian, without any spares, back in 1998.


Included in the vehicle sale are:


§  Vehicle Log Book for the Rothmans Porsche Turbo Cup series sanctioned by the Canadian Automobile Sport Club (CASC). Click this link to view. (5.7MB)

§  Title Certificate signed by original owner but never transferred (buyer will in effect be the second owner).

§  Workshop Manual for Car #35. Click this link to view.

§  Poster for Series featuring Car #35 in green paint and Fuji Sponsorship as raced in 1988-1989 seasons. Click this link to view. (2.4MB)

§  Rothmans Porsche Monitor (RPM) for July 1990 featuring Car #35 with Ron Fellows at the wheel. Click this link to view. (6.1MB)

§  Rothmans Porsche Monitor (RPM) for October 1990 featuring a photo of Car #35 with Ron Fellows leading Richard Spenard for the checkered flag at Vancouver. There is also a photo from earlier in the race with Car #35/Ron Fellows second in of a five-car pack. Click this link to view. (6.3MB)

§  Copy of Final Adjusted Standings and Earnings for 1990 Season. Click this link to view. (1.2MB)

§  Copy of Season Summary for 1990. Click this link to view. (0.3MB)

§  Copy of FAX sent to competitors dated 8/25/1987. Click this link to view. (1.8MB)

§  Copy of FAX from Canadian Pragmatics Ltd dated competitors dated 12/28/1990. Click this link to view. (7.5MB)


The following list represents the factory modifications to the standard car:


1. Magnesium racing wheels

2. Magnesium intake manifold

3. Magnesium oil pan

4. 928S4 brakes

5. Racing brake pads

6. Brake cooling kit

7. Strut tower brace bar over engine

8. Fiberglass hood/engine cover with race locks

9. Exterior power kill switch

10. Interior power kill switch

11. Larger high-output turbo unit

12. Larger sway bars, rear adjustable

13. High performance engine electronics

14. Surakrit safety windshield

15. Safety roll cage

16. Recaro racing seat

17. Driver racing harness

18. Lightweight side mirrors

19. Special Bilstein front struts

20. Special rear shocks with extra springs

21. Strengthened rear torsion bars

22. Heavy duty racing clutch

23. Quick ratio steering

24. Higher degree limited slip axle

25. Strengthened differential and axle gears

26. Strengthened transmission gears

27. Close-ratio 5th gear

28. Transmission oil cooler

29. ABS brakes

30. Stiffened main chassis

31. Strengthened strut towers

32. Hard rubber suspension mounts

33. Lightweight battery

34. Single engine cooling radiator

35. Underbody drag reduction panels

36. Lightweight noise insulation

37. Delete –Power steering

38. Delete –Fender liners

39. Delete –Radio, speakers

40. Delete –Headlight washers

41. Delete –Air conditioning

42. Delete –Power windows

43. Delete –Rear wiper

44. Delete –Engine shield

45. Delete –Undercoating

46. Delete –Sunroof

47. Delete –Power seat

48. Delete –Leather interior

49. Delete –Rear trunk release

50. Delete –Power mirrors

51. Delete –Door storage pockets

52. Delete –Cassette storage


Performance comparisons with other 944 models:



944 Turbo

944 Weissach Turbo































Additional Photos of Car (Click on links below):


§ Car #35 Photos – Page 1

§ Car #35 Photos – Page 2

§ Car #35 Photos – Page 3


Video of Races – 1990 Season


A number of the races from the final year of the series were captured on tape and will be made available on a DVD. To view some footage from the race series click on the following links:


§ Video Clip from Mont-Tremblant – Round 3

§ Video Clip from Mosport - Round 4

§ Video Clip from Mosport - Round 6


An extensive “Spares Package” is Separately Available


A large inventory of spare parts is available for separate purchase, all of them being Porsche-supplied for the series. If you are interested in vintage racing, the spares package will prove invaluable and a very wise investment at an approximate cost of $20,000. The spares will not be sold separately unless the buyer of the car has no interest. If interested in the spares as well as the car please indicate this option in an eBay email message so that a combined sale price might be negotiated. The spares package consists of:


§ 4 Magnesium racing wheels, 8” - Click this link to see photos

§ 4 Magnesium racing wheels, 9”

§ Stainless steel exhaust (turbo-back) - Click this link to see photos

§ Pin-removable muffler to meet track noise restrictions

§ Factory-supplied Recaro driver race seat with distinctive suede shoulder patches - Click this link to see photos

§ Ron Fellows’ preferred Recaro race seat - Click this link to see photos

§ Two spare transmissions as modified for the Turbo Cup Series. - Click this link to see photos of trans #1. - Click this link to see photos of trans #2

§ Magnesium oil pan - Click this link to see photos for all the parts listed below

§ Turbo waste gate

§ Extension coupling for torque tube

§ Spring set, progressively-wound

§ Original steering wheel (as issued)

§ Fuel rail for injection

§ Five center caps for spec wheels

§ Left quarter-panel window

§ Three wheel bearings

§ Oil pickup with primary strainer

§ Torsion bar set (two bars)

§ Quick Lock hood pin with insert

§ Approximately 30 pairs of brake pads (seated)

§ Steering shaft

§ Two top strut mounts

§ Coil

§ Strut/spring perch adjuster

§ Three Lucas fuel injectors

§ Please note that the above parts are not for sale separate from the vehicle unless the vehicle is already sold.




Upon acceptance of an Offer buyer must submit $500 via PayPal (or a similar fast turn-around method) as “hand money” to secure the bid, with the balance to be paid by bank transfer or bank check/cashiers check within 10 days. If the bidder or his assigned representative finds the vehicle and spare parts differ from the description provided, the hand money will be returned and the transaction canceled. If the transaction cannot be concluded for any other reason within the allotted 10 days, the hand money will be forfeited by the bidder. If this arrangement is not satisfactory to bidder, an alternative arrangement must be submitted in writing and approved by seller prior to a bid.


FOB Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15145. No shipping or provisions for shipping are included in the sales price.


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